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After a year's break again in the Czech Republic

Parkinsoniada (Mezinárodní soutěž Parkinsoniků) - sport games for PwPD – here the commitment and the desire to overcome obstacles is the value!
Parkinson Slovácko o.s. - South-Moravian Assoc. of People with Parkinson's disease was the host of the 7th PARKINSONIADA, on 1-3 August 2014 in Dubňany, Czech Republic.


Awaited the first weekend of August

The main idea of the Parkinsoniada is to support the will to overcome obstacles, the faith in their own abilities and the development of the habit of regular exercise. These international meeting of people with Parkinson's disease was founded by friendly guy Jan Škrkal (President of Parkinson Slovácko o.s.) who copied with PD a dozen years. In his family small town Dubňany (near Hodonin, in south Moravia) took place the first five editions of Parkinsoniada, in the sports center "Turtle". 6. Parkinsoniada (2 - 4 August 2013) was held in Slovakia in the village (the spa) Piestany on the river Vag (Váh), near Bratislava but 7th edition of international sport games for PwPD again in Czech.
In total, the event attracted ca. 250 guests, including participants (PwPD), of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary (for the 1. time) and Poland. Men or women with PD competed in ca. 10 events like: table tennis, throw in the basket, shot on goal with soccer ball or with hockey stick, petang (pétanque, boccia), darts, throw ring. For the first time 3-person teams (mixed by men and women) representing an association or a nation fighted in 4 sports: bowling, shooting with digital shooting gun or blowpipe and throw a tennis ball into the cup. We do not have actual data but on the recent edition the oldest participants was a Slovak guy (87) and a Czech woman (80). In contrast, the youngest were Poles: he, Wojtek (41) from Lodz and she, Bozena (48), present also in Dubňany, from Chrzanów (Eng. Horseradish).

Beauty of competitions – two days of musics and sports

It's always impressive, the joy of patients, often despite severe disability with which they wish to participate in the competition. Motivated to "go" by the competition from beginning to end, and despite the language barriers to understand others, and add each other courage, and sometimes comfort. What is interesting not always win those who look less affected, showing the outside better form. Games were well organized, with great use of helpers, some with simple gear, which only added just more of charm to this competition.
In addition to sport competitions it was as always time for entertainment (concerts and dance) and most importantly the opportunity to meet, talk and make contacts with patients, caregivers from other countries.


Opening Ceremony strated on 1. August, 2014, House of Culture in Hodonin (very close to Brno) with the short Invitation of Jan Škrkal - the main organizer and mayor of Hodonin Milana Grauové, and Prof. Evžen Růžičky neurologist from the Health City Center. This was followed by beautiful and long music performance. From the ancient town of Uherske Hradiste - The Hradistan Dulcimer Band - in specially prepared program on the occasion of the seventh year of Parkinsoniáda. Tumultuous applause rang out upon arrival band members during their amazing program, but not lose the intensity even when the arrival of Mr. Jan Škrkal and the mayor Milana Grauové, when they came to them to say thank you and to everyone in the audience as well. [foto]

Exhibition „Life sentence”

In the foyer, all could came to see the exhibition called "Life sentence", the creator is primarily Mrs Romana Skala Rozenbaum, representative of Parkinson Help organization. Its unusual form of a specific intelligibility took to everybody, even to the teenagers.[foto]
The wonderful atmosphere of Friday's performance unnoticed moved on Saturday to "Turtles" in the form of joy and laughter remained until the very end. To keep a good mood helped as well the performances of folklore ensembles from Dubňany and Dúbrava (the men's choir) held after games and medal ceremony on Suturday's evening.
Saturday's contest was held in the traditional manner starting with registration and other organizational matters. Habitat was ready to judge a total of 11 sites, we renewed and team competition. After the opening ceremony attended by (Deputy Governor Mr. Stanislav Juránek, Hodonín's Deputy Mayor and represntatives of Council and representatives of sponsoring companies, finishing by the Parkinsonian anthem performance - the race began.

The games ended at the expected time, culminating in the evaluation and awarding of prizes.

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The glory of the winners? - Not only

Polish team arrived in the composition of 8 people, including 4 patients participating in the competition. From Lodz went 2- person delegation, 5-person from Warsaw and one from Chrzanów. This time the four players of the Polish team, two of them were for the first time, gained two places on the podium. Congratulations to Bożenka (from Horseradish) for the silver medal in the game of bowls (pétanque, bocce), the gold ran out just a half cm (!) and to Barbara from Warsaw for an intransigence, which allowed her to win the bronze medal in table tennis. The great admiration to other participants for their perseverance in overcoming their weaknesses in the hot atmosphere for which strongly contributed warm sunshine outside the sports hall "Turtle" in Dubnany.

9 10

Welfare, which has become the hallmark of all Parkinsoniádas is invaluable.
Although some did not come this time and by some symptoms were more recognizable, it was obvious that prevailed readiness to be in good shape to next year, to try again.

11 12

These event important for international parkinsonian's society was possible not only because of help of citizens from Dubňany but especially also of various clubs and associations from diffrent Czech's regions which cooperate with Parkinsoon Slovacko from the very beginning of Parkinsoniádas. We are very thankful to everyone of You!

Warsaw, 5th August 2014

Source: - website edited by Warsaw Regional Association of People with Parkinson's Disease (Pol. Mazowieckie Stowarzyszenie Osób z Chorobą Parkinsona) Warsaw, Poland
- Bulletin "Slonik" (Eng. "A little elephant"), Feb'2014 edited by Associations from Lodz and Warsaw, Poland is a supplement of "Quarter-Journal PARKINSON-Polska" edited by Foundation "Life with Parkinson's Disease", Warsaw, Poland